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Service Information

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System support & Recovery

We can provide you with support services that can be tailored entirely to your needs. This can include on and off-site technical support
depending on the circumstances.We can support all types of IT systems and appliances from tablets to storage area networks.


We know how important system maintenance and proactive measures can be in predicting system failures. By performing regular
checks and reviews, we hope to have you systems running silently.


We can also provide fixes and support on a per call basis.  

System Design

 We can help with all areas of your infrastructure design. This could be the design for a virtual server environment, application deployment or a desktop imaging solution. We understand the importance of redundancy and disaster recovery planning.

We can design single server deployment and advise on how to create small business offices with minimal costs.

System Reports & Risk Analysis


IWe can provide a full audit of your existing systems. This could be an overview of your infrastructure and will identify system performance and any areas where improvements can be made.


Single system reports can provide a more in-depth analysis of a systems vulnerabilities and any specific requirements e.g. system growth, redundancy or upgrade paths/considerations.